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Empowering individuals & organizations with communication & event organizing tools that work.

MyVillage e-Groups Features Overview
Demo Videos: 1. e-Marketing Flash Demo 2. E-Mail Details Flash Demo

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1. E-mail List Management:

Create unlimited number of lists.
Send email to one list or multiple lists at the same time.
Import or Export Emails and Contact Information
Keep all you contact information on our secure servers, including name, address, phone, fax, email.
Import from MS Outlook, ACT, Excel and other Applications
Powerful view and search features.
Anti Spam un-subscribe feature.

2. E-mail Creation:

2.1 E-mail Templates
• Create your own Email Templates using our powerful, yet easy to use online html editor.
• Use our staff to create custom templates for your specific needs at minimal cost and use them repeatedly.
• Save your emails as templates and edit them to create new email campaigns.
• Upload your images and make them part of your emails.

2.2 MS Work Compatible; Write your email in MS word and simply import to send them to your group.

2.3 E-mail Campaign Editor; E-mail Campaign Editor to add text, upload images and send once or schedule emails.

3. E-mail Delivery and Schedules:

3.1 Send email once or at specific frequency.
3.2 Compliance with email regulations.

4. Email Campaign Reports

4.1 See how many total emails are sent.
4.2 See how many of the emails sent are opened.
4.3 Track clicks on the URL’s you sent.
4.4 See your Email reports on line any time
4.5 We send you your Email campaign results automatically in your email inbox.

5. Secure Storage

5.1 Store your images
5.2 Store Email Templates
5.3 Store previously sent emails.

6. Optional Services:

6.1 Custom Email Template: $190
6.2 Email Campaigns; We can create them for you at only: $90 per Campaign
6.3 Getting Started; We will populate your list from your database, ready to be used for your next email campaign: $190.


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