My Village FAQ's

  1. What is myVillage?
    MyVillage.US is an Internet based, event management business that enables for-profit and non-profit organizations promote their meetings, seminars, fundraisers, parties; any event where people get together.

    There is no setup fee & no fee for FREE events. You do not need to pay for or download any software. Also there is no monthly fee.
  2. Who uses myVillage services?
    "Event" organizers from all walks of life use myvillage, some examples of organizers are;
    • Free Seminars : A corporate seminar organizer that offers free registration for  its product seminars.
    • Courses : A medical school that offers full time courses & registration to various course modules.
    • Magazine Sales : A magazine publisher that offers subscription to its magazine worldwide.
    • Fund Raisers : A non-profit organization for registering & promoting its fundraisers.
    • On-line Fundraisers : A non-profit organization for holing on line fund raising.
    • Membership : A professional organization for promoting membership & membership renewals.
    • Political Contributions : An organization holding political events and fundraisers.

      In short, any organization that holds any type of event needs myVillage services.
  3. Can any one set up an Event on myVillage?
    Any Individual or Organization may set up an Event for legal (as defined by the US law) Free or for Fee event. At the time for first registration myVillage does make contact with the Individual or Organization within 24 Hrs, prior to authorizing the use of myVillage services.
  4. Do Organizer need a Credit Card Merchant account?
    No, unlike other event management companies we do not expect you to have a merchant account and other expensive tools for on line processing. Your attendees will use myVillage, Inc. secure on line payment processing solutions.
  5. How does myVillage charge for the service it provides?
    MyVillage offers its services on the "pay as you go" basis. In other words, currently there is no setup fee. If an organizer holds a free event or offers a free registration, then myVillage does not charge any fee either.

    The fees, when charged by myVillage are based on a percentage of registration or ticket fees. Currently myVillage charged 3% credit card processing fee and 3% my myVillage fee.

    It should be pointed out that organizer is not expected to have their own merchant account, they use myVillage, Inc. merchant accounts. This saves Organizer monthly merchant fees and on average 3% credit card processing fee. Therefore at most costing the organizer 3% of the fee it charges for registration or ticket.

    Most of myVillage organizers not only save on the cost of holding an event, but by using myVillage promotional tools, such as Automatic Email reminders, Post Cards and Business Cards to increase their event attendance many folds, therefore making their events more successful.
  6. How does Organizer gets paid?
    Organizer gets paid by check on the 1st and 15th of the month. Special arrangements can be made with MyVillage for payments on other days than the 1st and 15th .
  7. Does Organizer get reports on how many and who has registered?
    MyVillage sends daily, weekly or monthly reports to organizer on Event Registration progress. Organizer decides how frequently to get these reports via email. The reports are also available on line 24/7 and can be automatically exported to an Excel or MS Word file if desired.
    Up-to-date knowledge about who and how many are attending helps the Organizer plan for the event in very efficient manor. 
  8. Do prospective event attendees know who else is coming prior to registration?
    Yes; Organizer can set an option to let prospective attendees see who else has already registered. Organizer can also turn this option off.
  9. Can myVillage help me promote my events?
    Yes, in fact there are a number of ways we help Event organizers promote their events.
    1. The E-mail Promotion Tool
      This promotion tool is available from Organizer area. Organizer simply uploads email addresses, enters the plain or html text, and selects a frequency. MyVillage, email server will send out email reminders at the specified rate.
    2. Snail-mail Marketing Tools
      Organizer can order post cards and Business Cards (business cards are free) from myVillage on line service. MyVillage will have this Business or Post Cards printed for you & mail you in time to promote your event. These Business Cards & Post Cards can have any message you like. See  for more details
  10. Does myVillage have all-important anti Spam feature?
    MyVillage has three anti-spasm features.
    1. Selective Email
      Organizer can choose to send email to only people who have not booked for event yet.
    2. Event Un-Subscribe
      Email recipient can choose to un-subscribe from the event email only.
    3. MyVillage Un-Subscribe
      Email recipient can choose to unsubscribe from myVillage emails list from any event or organizer.
  11. How does Organizer tell its prospective event attendee about the event?
    Generally Organizer will email or snail-mail its prospective attendee a url like, where "myevent" is Organizers event name. The attendee clicks on the event URL to book the event, also know who else is coming to the event, if "Show Attendees" option is set. The attendee pays for the event on line. All in a matter of few minutes.
  12. How does Organizer know who is coming to his event?
    Organizer get daily, weekly or monthly reports about registration progress. Prior to going to the event, the Organizer will print a report conveniently in Excel or MS word, print name tags and take to the event. Some Organizers have access to Internet at the event site; therefore they continue to register attendees at the event also. To encourage on line event registration prior to the event, most organizers charge more for on site event registration.
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