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Empowering individuals & organizations with communication & event organizing tools that work.
MyVillage Help Overview

Current Supporters

2. Login Screen:

Use this screen to login.
Once you have been setup by myVillage to use it for ticket sales simply login to use many myVillage features. Use it to:

  • Setup Ticket Sales
  • Setup Customer Weekly, Monthly or Yearly rSubscriptions
  • Check your Ticket Sales
  • e-Marketing Progress
  • Use Point of Sale Terminal
  • Make Use of Accounting System to Keep Track of you Profits
    If you have made your events public, your customers patrons can use this screen to search for events in their area or by event names

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3. The Main Screen Menu:

This screen presents a menu of items you can choose to create your online tickets, promote your event or check ticket sales progress.

The Myvillage Features Screen

4. Organization Profile:

From this screen:

  • Enter your organization, name and address and primary contact information.
  • Enter the link that you will send to your clients to purchase tickets, an example of that link: www.myvillage.us/my/tickets, where "tickets" is any name of your choosing that reflects you organization.
  • Later you will see how to, simply, create html code that you can place on you website for a "Purchase Tickets" button or send a link in your email for ticket purchases.

Manage your Profile:

5. Money Transactions:

In this screen you place your Bank Information to receive electronic payments to your bank and enter your tax ID, etc.

Money is generally transferred to your bank once a month, twice a month or weekly, depending on your needs.

Bank Information:

6. Ticket Sales Setup:

Create an Event Type, the Event Types have Options to Pay Fixed Amount, Variable Amount or Subscriptions:

  • Fixed Amounts: Enter a Fixed Amount for Ticket Price.
  • Variable Amounts: Allows user to pay any amount they want.
  • Subscriptions: Automatically charges a user a defined, weekly, monthly or yearly amount until a defined end date.

Your patron will get automatic emails once they have purchased a ticket, complete with directions to the venue and an easy click "Add to Outlook Calendar" feature. They are sent an e-receipt every time an amount is charged due to their Auto Subscription.

Create an Event with a number of Options for your patrons to purchase tickets on line.

  • Options can be simply an RSVP; No payment is due.
  • A fixed amount to be paid, for instant, $10 for a ticket.
  • A patron defined amount to be paid, for instant, $1 to $1,000+ for a ticket or donation, etc.
  • The option can be a subscription.

Event Ticket Sales Manager:

7. Promoting Your Event:

This myVillage feature helps promote your business or event to patrons who attended your previous event.

Use this feature to send emails to people who:

  • Registered in your previous events
  • Who registered in the previous events, but not for the current event.

See later email reports screen on how you can track who opened your emails and who did not and percentage success of your e-marketing campaigns.

Event Promotion:

8. Ticket Sales Reports:

You can see and print the following ticket sales or event registration reports:

  • Half page summary reports.
  • Detailed reports by date range.
  • See reports for individual events or for all of your events in one report.
  • Export reports by date range in text, Excel or MS Word.

Report Manager:

9. Detailed Patron Reports:

You can see detailed customer report in this screen.

  • Track purchasing habits of a patron.
  • Track purchasing habits of a group of patrons.
  • Print detailed subscription reports
  • Export Customer data, such as name, address, contact info and emails.

Detailed Customer Report:

10. Point of Sale Terminal:

The purpose of the Point if Sale Terminal is to help you charge your patrons at the door, or in the office with out a mechanical credit card terminal. This approach to payment transactions has many advantages.
  • Do not need a mechanical terminal.
  • Fast and Easy
  • Automatic receipts to patron.
  • Full record keeping and summary and detailed income reports.
  • Data for following up with the patrons later.
  • Data to enhance future sales.

Point of Sale Terminal:





Point of sale terminal Screen 2

POS Screen:

11. eGroups at myVillage :

This area offers many powerful features to help you interact with your current and prospective customers:

  • Add or Import information; Enter individual records or copy and past records or import records from Excel or comma delimited files.
  • Search contacts and email them.
  • Create multiple groups for, for example, current customers, potential customers, etc.
  • Send emails to one or multiple groups.
  • Export records.
  • Create Form E-mail letter, save or send to a group or multiple groups.
  • Send once or schedule to send weekly, monthly, every other week, etc. automatically.
  • Save e-mail templates to be used later.

Email Group Area:

myVillage e-Groups Screen -2:


  • You can search Contacts alphabetically.
  • There is no limit to how many contacts you can store.
  • You can send emails as often as you like.
  • You can send email to as many people as you like depending on your account setting.

Search Contacts:

myVillage e-Groups Screen -3:

  • Copy and past contacts.
  • Import from an Excel or text file.
  • Enter contacts using the form.
  • Edit contacts.
  • Enter membership dues paid details.

Add Contacts:

myVillage e-Groups Screen -4

  • We can design effective e-mail templates for your organization contact us now.
  • You can edit current templates.
  • Create new templates for your news letter.
  • You can keep copies of emails sent.

Edit current templates:

myVillage e-Groups Screen -5:

  • Send Email once.
  • Create and save Templates.
  • Send emails to one or many groups.
  • Set auto email frequency, emails are sent at your specified frequency.
  • Use our easy online editor to create your emails, preview and send.
  • Insert images from your own library of images or upload from your pc.

Send Email:

myVillage e-Groups Screen -6:

  • Create e-Mails letters with ease.
  • Automatically inserts your customers name, address etc.
  • Use our supplied templates.
  • Insert your own images in the email templates
  • Use our template creation service by contacting us.

Email Campaign Screen:

myVillage e-Groups Screen -7:

An other example of our supplied templates.

Email Campaign Screen:

myVillage e-Groups Screen -8

Email Report:

It is very important to have the ability to monitor the progress of your e-marketing campaign. myVillage offers you many e-marketing reports:

  • See emails opened.
  • Unsubscribed email reports.
  • Percentage emails opened.
  • Percentage unsubscribed emails.
  • Total number of emails sent per group.

Email Reports:

12. myVillage on line Accounting System:

The accounting system offers the following features:
  • Add Vendors and Customers.
  • Add Chart of Accounts or use the provided chart of accounts.
  • Add Income and Expenses.
  • Work with one or more bank accounts.
  • See Bank balances and transactions.
  • See Profit or Loss for individual events or all events.
  • See and print numerous reports, such as customer and vendor lists, expense reports, income reports, profit and loss.
Online Accounting and Book Keeping System:

13. Other Services Offered by myVillage:

  • FREE Event Creation: We can create an event for you from your flyers or website information. This services is offered for free.
  • e-Event Promotion: For a small fee we can create an e-Marketing campaign for you. This will consist of a number of e-Flyers, e-Letters and other e-Campaign materials.
  • Website Updates: For a small fee we can update your website for free to add event registration and promotion materials.
  • Call Center Services: Our outbound call center can call your prospective clients to promote your event and our in-bound call center can take and enter ticket orders.



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