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Empowering individuals & organizations with communication & event organizing tools that work.

myVillage, Inc. is an on line Event Registration, Ticket Sales, Event promotion, and Payment Solution service. It takes care of complexities of arranging an event,  sending out timely reminders, receiving payments and attendee reports. 




Brief Description

Event Registration

Website Integration

Your Customers RSVP or Purchase Tickets from your or our Website; You do not need a merchant account.

myVillage provides small html code to plug for seamless integration to Organizer's website.

Email Registration

 Customers RSVP or Pay Right Away from an Email link

The prospective attendees register using the link in email.

Call Center

For those who prefer to call, can talk with our Reps and register.

Out reps take the call and register them on myVillage.


Group Registrations

Your customers send myVillage a fax to register, our reps will follow up and register the group.

No Fee Events

Organizer can use myVillage for FREE

myVillage charges a small percentage for ticket sales, however for $0 tickets (or free registrations), myVillage does not charge fee, A small monthly fee may apply; call for more details..

Point of Sale Terminal

Take Credit Cards, Checks and Cash

No need for Credit Card Machines or Ticket Machines

Organizer Logs into their myVillage area and uses their Point of Sale Terminal to take Credit Cards, Checks or Cash at the door or event.



No need for Organizer to have tickets printed or mailed to Customer

The Customer has the option to print an E-ticket, the E-ticket has directions and other details & any special instructions..

E-mail Tickets

Customer gets Ticket Receipt via Email

Customer gets  E-mail confirmation receipt right away, along with directions and other event details.

Venue Maps & Attendees


Customer can choose where to sit & pay for the "Seat Level".

myVillage graphic Designer can design a Venue Map for your venue that Customer can use to decide where to sit.


At Organizer's option, Customer can see who else is coming to an event prior to Registering.

Shows a list of who else is coming to the event. Organizer has the option to turn this feature on or off.

Event Progress Reports

Automatic Summary Reports

Organizer Receives Automatic Event Sales Reports 

myVillage Server sends these reports at the Organizer's specified frequency.

Detailed Reports

Organizer can Login into their myVillage Account any time to see detailed event Registration Reports

There are many detailed reports available, which can be seen or printed for current and past events.

Customer Profiles

Organizer can see Customer Registration History for future Marketing Campaigns

Organizer can see detailed purchasing habits & amounts, but customer name, date range, ticket type, etc.


Previous Event(s)

Organizer uses the Email Address for their Previous Registrations for future Events

Organizer's login area had the information about their customers, this information can be used for email or snail mail marketing.


Periodic automatic Email reminders. The Organizer can schedule email reminders to go out at specific time intervals leading up to the event, i.e., specific day of the week, weekly or monthly.
Tell a Friend
Tell your friends about an event. Online interface provides an easy way to inform your friends of an event you just registered on line.
Email Templates
Makes it a snap to create professional looking emails. Use a number myVillage provided emails to prmote your event.
Live Support Options
We provide live interaction to your potential customers. Your customers can use our live chat or call to find out more about your event.

myVillage Fee


Non-profits pay only 6% Convenience fee of ticket purchase price and a 95 cents per transaction fee is charged.

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Organizer decides if to absorb the Convenience fee or to let the customer pay it as they purchase tickets. A $10 fee applies for every wire transfer to your account.


For-profits pay only 11% Convenience fee of ticket purchase price and a 95 cents per transaction fee is charged.

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Organizer decides if to absorb the Convenience fee or to let the customer pay it as they purchase tickets. A $25 fee applies for every wire transfer to your account.

Out bound Call Center

Organizer can use myVillage Call Center for outbound Campaigns

myVillage provides Ticket sales related outbound campaigns for a small fee per call.

In bound Call Center

In Bound Calls are FREE

No per transaction fee is charged for inbound calls. A monthly fee may apply.

FREE Event Registration Features

Many Features are FREE

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Reports, E-Groups, E-marketing, Fax in Registrations are FREE,

FREE Event Promotion Features

Many Features are FREE

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We promote your events via our vast email lists, Facebook, Twitter and website for FREE.
FREE Point of Sale Terminal

Many Features are FREE

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This FREE feature allows you to register your clients at the event. You can register them using cash, check or credit card.

Giving you an accurate count and contact information to promote future events.

FREE Online Accounting System

Many Features are FREE

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Our Online Accounting System, that you can use to automate tracking of profits from your events.

Zero Fee Events

The $0 Tickets are not charged any Convenience fee, 95 cents per transaction fee is charged.

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myVillage does not charge any FEE for $0 tickets, so Organizer uses myVillage for FREE for free events, except for the small transaction fee.

ACH Bank Transfers

Bank wires or ACH tranfers are made once a month, more frequenctly, if client needs it.


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