Choose one or more event management add-on services that best meets your needs. myVillage offers a variety of services for Organizers who would like to take full advantage from their Events and Activities by using powerful features available in or would like to spend less time starting up. Event setup is as easy as 1-2-3, see...., see main features also.

A summary of myVillage products and features is available in this document.

We now offer a number of FREE and for fee services to help you run your organization better, click here now to see an overview or to register.

New Activity Setup Sign-up
  Upcomming Activities Posted here.  
Activity Reports  
  Offering Sales, Attendees and Custom Reports.  
Event Promotions  
  You can promote your event with us.  
Payment Processing  
  You can take advantage of our payment processing features.  
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  Personalize your info by siging in.  
Membership Reminders  
  A very useful fetaure of reminding you about any event, activity.  
24/7 Online Support  
  Have a question? Contact our online support any time.  
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