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Empowering individuals & organizations with communication & event organizing tools that work.
As easy as 1-2-3 (see Feature Set)



Event Setup:
Anyone or Any Organization may setup an on-line event registration.
myVillage support will authenticate each Event Organizer via email or phone to ensure event is legal, as defined by US legal system. The "Authentication" generally takes few hrs.
There is currently no setup fee. Free events offered by an Organizer are FREE from any myVillage event registration fee.
While the Event set up is very easy and should take no longer then about 10+ minutes depending on your event, myVillage will be please to set you up. Simply contact our online help from top right of this page. New 
2 Event Registration
While preferred method of event registration by prospective attendees is through myVillage on line registration and payment processing, myVillage now also offers "book events via fax#" 1-877-5-VILLAGE, simply print this form and fax to 1-877-5-VILLAGE. New 
3 Event Promotion
You can now setup automatic E-mail reminders to inform your email recipients to register for an event. New 
Now myVillage will help you promote events, by converting your emails to html or helping you compose these reminders, please send your promotional email to support@myvillage.us, so we can help promote your event. New 
We go a step further, if you provide us with the demographics of your prospective attendees, we will even send emails to them from our email list. New 
Anti-Spam Feature: myVillage has anti-spam features, your email recipients can un-subscribe from a specific Event email campaign or from all emails from myVillage. You can choose to send emails to only people who have not registered for an event yet.
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